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Camping and Hiking Rental Equipment at Morgan Outdoors!

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Renting is a great way to try camping, test equipment, or have less to store!

Our Rental Center opens on Saturday, June 20th with the following Safety Protocols for all Rental Gear:

Staff is assigned to disinfect rental equipment between uses – using sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. At the current time, all rental tents and packs are sanitized then stored for 2 days before being rented out again. 

All equipment must be reserved and paid for in advance. Then we will agree on the pickup time. This makes it easier for all of us!


Gear can be rented for a day or a weekend: (day/weekend prices may change, check at the store. Some gear can be rented by the week.)


Kelty deluxe Child Carrier  $15/$25
Leki hiking Poles (Lhasa & Corklite) $10/$18

PACKS:   varies by size
Osprey ATMOS 50    $10/$18
Osprey DAYLITE      $8/$14


  Kelty YELOWSTONE 4 person   $22/$39

  MSR Hubba Hubba 2 person (backpacking)  $18/$32


Therma-rest Z-Lite Sleeping pads $6/$10

Therma-rest DreamTime mattress $15/$28

We are not renting Sleeping Bags at this time

LIGHTS:  $ 8/$14

Solar-powered Luci Lights (fully powered at time of rental)


Kelty Essential Chair with beverage holder    $ 8/$14

Kelty Soft-top Table with Chess/Checker Board & 4 beverage holders   $10/$16

Consider our TRY BEFORE YOU BUY offer!

We will apply the cost of one (1) day’s gear rental toward the purchase of the same gear at Morgan Outdoors (within 30 days of rental).

We want you to LOVE the equipment you buy at Morgan Outdoors!

Reserve equipment by phone 845 439 5507 with a credit card.

Deposit:  Valid I.D. and major credit card required for deposit on all rentals. Children must be accompanied by an adult to rent gear.

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46 Main Street, Livingston Manor, NY 12758
Phone:(845)-439-5507 info@morgan-outdoors.com