EARTH DAY reusables on SALE – HALF PRICE $$

– LUCI solar-powered lamps

– all reusable water bottles from Klean Kanteen, Camelbak, and Nalgene!

We’ve also stocked our SALE RACK with great deals on clothing for men and women. We also have lots of shoes and boots on our classic Cinderella table at 50% off!


for Wine Lovers!

Upstream Wine Weekend SPECIAL  Do you enjoy Wine and Outdoor Adventures?

  Why not BRING THE WINE  &  LEAVE THE BOTTLE at home!

 Buy a bottle of wine at your local wine store, show us the receipt**

 and receive  40% off

 our favorite wine-lovers accessory,

 the PlatyPreserve  at Morgan Outdoors.

 It is lightweight, packable, and BPA-free. Flattens easily in your bag or pack.

** Receipt needs to be dated within a week of PlatyPreserve purchase to get 40% off.   SHOP LOCALLY!

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Don’t be shy, come and BUY!!