We have the same quality merchandise and passionate customer service that you count on finding at Morgan Outdoors – but the shop looks a little different inside. It’s more open and airy with longer views and wider aisles. Two big ol’ farmhouse windows are in place at the check out counter rather than sheets of plexi. We love the local character! And there’s a 6-foot wide lime green rug in the shoe-fitting area to help maintain a healthy distance while we are providing our signature shoe and boot fittings. Fitting appointments can be arranged by calling us at 845 439 5507 or emailing back. We will offer fittings at 9:30 am before we open as well.  There’s a second green rug in front of the big hiking trail wall map to keep us together but apart while we look over trail options for your next hiking adventure.

The Entry Steps described below will be required to enter the store. We hope you’ll find these changes reasonable and we look forward to seeing you!


Here’s our new safety protocol.

To enter the store, put on your mask, and look inside to see if anyone is waiting in the entryway.

If not, come on in and pause for 2 required steps

1. Use the Sanitizer on your hands for everyone’s safety. (Made at nearby Prohibition Distillery. Here’s a great interview with owner Brian Facquet!)  Then,

2. Ring the bell and Wait until we say hello and invite you in.

We are often serving customers in our backroom, so this is the best method to limit the number of people in the store to 6 parties. We’ll have the air conditioning on so you’ll be comfy while you wait in the entryway and there is a lot to look at to entertain yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you!