December 25 through January 18

Colorized postcard showing Walnut Mountain House at the summit, elevation 2,450 ft, and many fewer trees.

Are you looking for something to do during this winter break?!

Take a relaxing winter Self-Guided Hike up the gentle carriage roads at Walnut Mountain in nearby Liberty, NY!  You’ll meet some of the wonderful trees that grow there, enjoy a great view, and visit the site of the historic Walnut Mountain House.

The attached one-page guide to the Winter Tree Walk has all the details. Download and print the page or enjoy reading along on your phone

A trail map and more history of Walnut Mountain is found at:

Some of the grand oak trees included in the self-guided walk
The Walnut Mountain House opened in 1888 with 70 sleeping rooms, just a mile from the Liberty train station. The foundation of this impressive building can be found on the hike.

Walnut Mountain Winter Tree Walk is sponsored by Morgan Outdoors, with generous support from Kate O’Connor of the Cornell Hemlock Initiative and Liberty Dept. of Parks & Recreation.

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