Saturday, August 20th

10:30 – 11:30 AM

Your back is worth taking care of – and you can enjoy more outdoor time with two new friends to support you!
TEST DRIVE our favorite LEKI walking and hiking poles.

Whether you worry about falling, are overweight, have poor posture, a bum knee, or just love steep trails . . . good hiking poles are a HUGE help so you can safely do more.

Bill Keys will show us how to:
Reduce stress on our knees and back, have surefooted stability, more upright posture, and easier breathing. HOORAY!

Bill will bring all the latest Leki poles, including the carbon Micro sticks (they can go mountain trekking and fold to 15.5″ to fit in luggage)
We’ll start inside, then have an optional outdoor demo on a nearby hillside.

RSVP at 845 439 5507 so we have enough for everyone.