Saturday, July 8 from 10:30am to 12:00pm

join Diana K. Weiner, Sullivan Renaissance Horticulturist, for a free public program

“Invasive Plants – Who Gave Them A Passport Anyway?”

The program begins indoors at Morgan Outdoors and continue outdoors in Livingston Manor’s Renaissance Park, with its native plant garden and examples of invasive plants.

Invasive Plant Passport image

Invasive exotic plants outcompete with our native species. Honeysuckle, Norway Maple and Japanese Stilt Grass, among others, have taken hold in our gardens and parks.  Learn where they came from, when and how they got here, and where they tend to take hold.

You will get tips on how to manage these invaders and learn which trees, shrubs and perennials you can replace them with to bring a balance of nature to our landscapes. Then we will walk to Livingston Manor’s Renaissance Park (1/2 block away) to look at what the native plant gardens could look like with the addition of plants described in Weiner’s presentation.

Register for this free public program by calling us at (845) 439 5507. Light refreshments will be served.

Diana K. Wiener has presented this topic at the Philadelphia Flower Show and to garden clubs and environmental groups throughout the country. She is a member of the international Garden Writers Association, Board of Directors for America in Bloom and locally assists the Cornell Cooperative Extension Program Committee and Time and the Valleys Board of Directors in the Town of Neversink, where she and her husband reside.