Livingston Manor will have two exciting events:

Solar eclipse posterSaturday, Aug 19, 1:00pm

Morgan Outdoors will host the Catskills Astronomy Club for a Pre- eclipse Solar Viewing out front on the sidewalk. The Club will set up telescopes with solar filters. A great opportunity to learn more about our closest star AND the Solar Eclipse happening on Monday, Aug. 21st!  We’ll have displays with great details and graphics. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about our closest star and prep for the Solar Eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21st.

Monday, August 21st from 12 to 4pm

Stop by to enjoy big-screen Live Streaming of NASA’s Solar Eclipse coverage from coast to coast, sponsored by Madison’s Restaurant, here at Morgan Outdoors. The live program will feature views from NASA research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites and specially-modified telescopes and live reports from major points along the path of totality from Oregon to South Carolina.

Weather permitting, we will head outside to a nearby green space to watch the partial eclipse, which reaches its maximum in the Catskills at 2:45pm EST. If the skies are clear,  members of the Catskills Astronomy Club will join us with telescopes with solar filters again!